How Long Are Cats Pregnant For, What To Expect

Having a pet female cat can be an enjoyable experience as is having a male cat. When you own a female cat, it is important to understand and be responsible for their reproductive abilities. Female cats can are usually mature enough to reproduce as young as about 6 months old. Their male counterparts are also reproductive mature along the same time frame. This is important to understand if you are adopting a kitten that has not been spayed or neutered and do not want the responsibility of more kittens.

When you own a female cat that has not been spayed, t5 kittens sitting on lawnhey will commonly go into heat around Spring and Fall seasons and this can last a little as one day to up to 14 days. They can become pregnant from more than one male cat during this time window. To answer the question of how long are cats pregnant for, it can last on average for about two months. So the time span can go from about 58 to 72 days.

Signs of Pregnancy – What are the Signs

Cats are known to show signs of morning sickness when first becoming pregnant. The first couple of weeks they will tend to not be as interested in food as they deal with the nausea. This will end eventually and they will enjoy eating plenty at about 3 weeks in their pregnancy. Here is an article from Purina on Cat Pregnancy Complications if you think something may not be going well with your cat.

She will soon began demanding more food as her body needs more nutrients for the kittens and herself. It is important that she gets the needed nutrients during her pregnancy to keep her and the kittens healthy.

What To Expect During Pregnancy – An Exciting Two Months

A female cat will commonly show more affection during her pregnancy. She may seek more attention and will appreciate the additional love given to her at this time. During pregnancy, your female cat will begin to grow larger as the kittens grow inside her abdomen.

This is the time to get an ultra sound to see how many kittens you may be dealing with.  You can get these scans done at your local vetenarian or you can grab your own Portable Ultrasound Scanner so you watch the kittens each stage of development. This is an expensive option but worth the look.

The amount that she grows depends on the number of kittens she is pregnant with, so there is no exact size of growth for this time. The breed of the male cat and your female cat will also make a difference in her growth.

  • Becoming Cozy
  • Preparing for Giving Birth
  • Going Into Labor


Your cat will also began wondering around more as she prepares for a comfortable place to stay. She will need a cozy and comfortable place to rest as she prepares for giving birth. This place will usually be where she will stay when she gives birth to her kittens too.

As your cat gets closer to to full gestation, you will see some changes that will let you know she will be giving birth soon. Her nipples on her abdomen will become more visible and may excrete milk as she is beginning to prepare for kittens. About two days before giving birth, she will not eat as much as she prepares for labor.

Cats naturally know what to do when going into labor so there is no need to worry when your cat begins. They may make strange noises as they become uncomfortable and begin to clean themselves too. Giving birth will begin about an hour after this happens and she will usually deliver a kitten every 15 to 20 minutes.

Afterwards, she will take care of the cleaning of the kittens and herself. Let her do this herself as nature uses this process for both her health and the newly delivered kittens’ health. After the kittens are weened they need to trasition to solid food. We have found Royal Canin Mother & Babycat food to be just the ticket to good health.

Preparing for The Next Pregnancy, Not Again

Cats have a quick pregnancy and delivery process of only two months. It doesn’t take long for a cat to be prepared for the next season to be available to go into heat and start the process all over again . It is wise to keep an eye on this if you would like to not have more kittens. If you are finished with kittens then you need to get your cat spayed.

Hopefully you found these simple facts helpful for you and your female cat. Please leave comments below and we will get back to you shortly.



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  1. Hello Stephen,
    Having grown up in a family that has always had both a dog and a cat I have found this very interesting. My new partner is an avid cat lover, and although I am not they always win me over after time. They really are a very individual and independent animal and usually overcome me with their charm.
    My partner is looking to breed one of her cats soon and there is a wealth of knowledge here for her to be able to relax and understand the natural procedure and allow me to relax as well.
    She will find this article very helpful

    • Thanks Paul for taking time to leave a comment. Cats are definitely in a league of there own. I think its great that you all have Information pertaining to your future litter of kittens.  Enjoy the journey as it is one you wont soon forget.



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